Master your anxiety

Using Harrison’s quick-read free and low-cost material, you’ll be able to understand the root cause of and eliminate your physical anxiety triggers. Guaranteed to deliver where therapy and other verbose anxiety books have failed to or your money back guaranteed.

A former software engineer with a B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Harrison learned how to eliminate his physical anxiety triggers after spending 8 years mastering his own anxiety. He uses reason and logic to help others uncover, challenge, discard, and dismantle their anxiety-causing beliefs–the often-overlooked root cause of their triggers.

Learn the real root cause of your physical anxiety triggers for FREE

In less than an hour, my free short book, Why Am I Anxious: Understanding the Root Cause of Anxiety, will help you understand the often unconscious root cause of your anxiety.

Learn how to eliminate your physical anxiety triggers

My book, Fight-or-flight: How to Eliminate Your Anxiety Triggers with the Option Method, will teach you how to eliminate physical anxiety triggers for non-life-threatening scenarios (real or imagined) and triggers that seem to have no cause. If you haven’t already, I suggest you first read Why Am I Anxious: Understanding the Root Cause of Anxiety. Both books can be completed in less than a day.

Get the Conquer Physical Anxiety bundle

With this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to know to free yourself of physical anxiety. The bundle can be completed in less than a day. You’ll learn what it is about our psychology that causes physical anxiety and how to uncover and discard unconscious anxiety-causing beliefs and thinking patterns. The bundle also has answers for those who feel like they get anxious for no reason or have developed more anxiety with age.

Outcomes you can expect from using Harrison’s material

Above all, you’ll become a force. Below are other detailed benefits you can expect.

Less physical anxiety triggers, more calm, and softer fight or flight response

Eliminating one anxiety trigger often eliminates one or more other triggers you may have. See link to learn more.

Increased ability to be authentic & feel aligned in life

An aligned person feels like they’re living according to his or her uniqueness and inner desires. From personal experience, studying the lives of other high-achieving individuals, and researching the topic of mastery, this feeling seems to be a result of identifying and pursuing intrinsically motivating goals regardless of outside discouragement. I’d put forth that living in this manner leads to alignment with the divine and an often fortunate byproduct of alignment is high-performance.

Increased self-confidence

You’ll increase your ability to be ok with yourself regardless of what you have or do. You’ll also improve your ability to step into situations (social and non-social) and be present without shrinking yourself or getting self-conscious.

More self-awareness

It can be difficult to live authentically without a commitment to improving one’s self-awareness. One’s level of self-awareness depends on an understanding of one’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and desires. Self-awareness allows one to discover whether one is living by personal standards or external ones.

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Issues I help with:

I have lived experience, researched, and received training in these areas.

Social Anxiety

Inspired to overcome my own social anxiety that began in 2016, I spent 7 years acquiring the ability to eliminate and find the root cause of my social anxiety triggers. I now use this capability and the philosophical insights I had to learn to help others.

Performance Anxiety

I began studying high-performance psychology in 2017 after feeling extremely nervous during one of my first work presentations on a new team. I use the knowledge acquired from this research to help myself and others who want to access their best moment-to-moment. 


This is a link to an in-depth write-up of my life story that describes the psychological problems I’ve overcome and used to build my expertise.

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