Learn to Code (online tutoring)

I graduated with a Computer Science degree (highest honors) from Georgia Tech and worked as a software engineer at Capital One for three years. I also took high school AP Computer Science and scored a 4 on the exam. I am available to help students/individuals who are trying to learn the fundamentals of coding.

Who I can help (Ex: Someone taking an intro to programming class or course like AP Computer Science or an online tutorial)

  • Anyone struggling to understand:
    • Primitive types, Objects, boolean expressions and if statements, method creation, loops, classes, arrays, inheritance, and recursion
  • Anyone who has given up trying to learn from class due to continual frustration.
  • Parents who want their children to learn and internalize as much material as possible.
  • Anyone looking for more support than what they’re receiving in class.

How I can help

  • Help them understand topics they haven’t been able to grasp during class. Not grasping earlier material may make it more difficult to understand current or future assignments.
  • Provide support on programming assignments and projects. I will walk them through why things work the way they do so they can understand and use the concepts being taught independently.
  • Hold review sessions with them before quizzes/tests.

My past tutoring experience

While in college, I tutored college students taking Intro to Programming courses and took them from failing to passing the class. I also tutored an AP Computer Science student (Java-based) and helped her improve from a C to an A in the class. I’ve produced some Intro to Coding videos using Java on YouTube to demonstrate my teaching and tutoring abilities.

In addition to being a software engineer, I have 3 years of experience as a product manager for a software developer toolkit at Sciencelogic.

Next steps

Feel free to email me at harrison.obiorah@gmail.com with any questions or if you’d like to set up online tutoring.


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