Performance Anxiety

What performance anxiety is

Performance anxiety is anxiety/fear one experiences before or during any kind of performance. Performance anxiety appears to be experienced by several people but some experience it more intensely and more frequently than others. Performance anxiety can be a problem if you think its the primary reason you aren’t performing at a level you realistically think you can be operating at. Comments like, “I wasn’t myself that time” or “he/she wasn’t their self” are another way to describe the negative impact of performance anxiety. There is a difference between being incredibly anxious before a performance and being alert, energetic, a focused. Reducing performance anxiety allows you to experience more of the latter.

What performing your best looks like

My personal relationship with performance psychology

How I can help you improve your ability to perform your best when you want

We’ll work to find the beliefs and thinking patterns that you may not be consciously aware of that are impacting your performances. Once identified, you’ll have the choice to modify them if you’d like and we can also work on adopting a new way of thinking that’ll help increase your ability to access your best performance time and time again. 

High-performance thought leadership

What are emotions?

Concepts discussed: perceptions, emotional mastery Some of us have felt what are described as joy,…

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