Achieving internal peace – Become more Stoic

What internal peace is

  1. Feeling anxiety and fear
  2. Experiencing social anxiety
  3. Feeling like “something is wrong with me”
  4. Having an inferiority-complex
  5. Being a perfectionist/Fearing failure
  6. Having self-doubt
  7. Compulsively comparing yourself to others and feeling bad from the comparisons
  8. Being influenced by the emotions of others in a way one dislikes (some call this HSP)
  9. Fearing Rejection

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Benefits of pursuing internal peace

Less anxiety

See link for what a state of less anxiety looks like and how to attain it.

Authenticity & more alignment

An aligned person feels like they’re living according to his or her uniqueness and inner desires. From personal experience, studying the lives of other high-achieving individuals, and researching the topic of mastery, this feeling seems to be a result of identifying and pursuing intrinsically motivating goals regardless of outside discouragement. I’d put forth that living in this manner leads to alignment with the divine and an often fortunate byproduct of alignment is high-performance.

More objectivity
Increased self-esteem

You’ll increase your ability to be ok with yourself regardless of what you have or do. You’ll also improve your ability to step into situations (social and non-social) and be present without falling into a state of introversion or self-consciousness. You’ll worry less about being “awkward” regardless of what others think, be less nervous, and care less about the opinions of others regarding your actions and views.

Increased emotional intelligence and intuition

Anxiety can feel very much like “gut” or “intuition,” which raises the “How do I know that this isn’t my gut telling me something?” Knowing how to uncover the beliefs driving your anxiety eliminates this concern. If it’s intuition, you’ll know because you know how to unpack your emotions.

More calm/Being in a parasympathetic state more often

Being in this state of being tends to improve one’s capability to think and speak, sleep, digest food, and heal because the body appears to optimally perform those functions in a parasympathetic state.

More self-awareness

It can be difficult to live authentically without a commitment to improving one’s self-awareness. I define self-awareness as an understanding of one’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and desires. Self-awareness allows one to discover the extent to which one is and has been living according to personal or outside standards.

More outcome-independence

A similar concept to internal peace, outcome-independence is the separation of how one feels from the outcomes of one’s actions. For example, if you take a chance on something and don’t get the results you want, being outcome independent means you won’t experience negative emotions of sadness, shame, etc, that impact your peace. You may dislike the outcome but disliking something doesn’t mean you have to experience negative emotions.

Steps for achieving internal peace

Understand the psychological cause of anxiety – beliefs

This free ebook contains everything you need to know to understand this.

Commit to building Emotional mastery

Exhibiting emotional mastery is identifying the psychological root cause of one’s emotions and changing one’s way of thinking so that a trigger no longer triggers one in the future. Click the link to learn more.

Uncover, change, and discard emotion-causing beliefs(aka deprogramming yourself)

How I can help you achieve more inner peace

Similar to what it takes to be authentic, one of the keys to achieving internal peace is identifying the thinking patterns, beliefs, and worldviews producing the problems outlined above. For those who want to learn, I’ll also teach you how to self-sufficiently manage your way of thinking and believing to reduce the occurrence and severity of the problems I outlined.

For more information on how I”ll help feel free to read about my approach for addressing psychological issues.

Example insights that the pursuit of internal peace can provide

In 2022, I discovered that I had been using fear as my driving force for setting and accomplishing goals. This realization led me to start seeing how accomplishing things from a state of fear was taking a toll on my health and having more costs than benefits. When health practitioners like doctors and therapists asked if I felt stressed, I would respond with something like “a little, but nothing too crazy.” I claimed I wasn’t stressed despite feeling regularly anxious at work, struggling with my digestion and sleep, and rarely feeling peaceful or ok with myself. I’m on a mission to build the skills to be at peace in all circumstances and help others that share this goal to do the same.

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