Emotional mastery

What emotional mastery/intelligence is

Exhibiting emotional mastery is identifying the psychological root cause of one’s emotions and changing one’s way of thinking so that a trigger1 no longer triggers one in the future. Developing emotional mastery/intelligence enables one to learn from their emotions. It may difficult to believe but we sometimes knowingly or unknowingly use emotions to protect ourselves. For example, I may use anxiety as a way to force myself to be on guard when dealing with a certain individual so that I can protect myself. In this manner, the anxiety is actually a tool to protect myself.

Emotional mastery is a skill that I think everyone can improve. The more proficient one is, the more capable they are of understanding and eliminating the root cause(s) of their negative emotions.

My personal relationship with emotional mastery

After self-diagnosing myself with social anxiety in 2016, I wanted to understand why I felt like I got triggered so much when interacting with others or at work. This desire to understand led to me wanting to understand what emotional triggers are, why they exist, and how to remove undesirable one.

How I can help you build emotional mastery

Emotional mastery thought leadership

What are emotions?

Concepts discussed: perceptions, emotional mastery Some of us have felt what are described as joy,…

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  1. Trigger = a stimuli that when encountered we experience a negative emotion.
    This graphic is from: https://harrisonobiorah.com/2023/09/21/an-often-unknown-cause-of-emotions-beliefs/ ↩︎
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