I’ve worked in the software engineering industry as a software engineer and technical product manager and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Although my background is technical, I’ve been a student of mental health since my teen years. I’ve been studying anxiety, amongst other psychological concepts like depth psychology, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, imposter syndrome, self-esteem, inner child work, and nutritional psychiatry for the past 8 years.

I describe how I built my ability to eliminate physical anxiety triggers on the remainder of this page.

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My social anxiety revelation

A now deceased psychotherapist named Bruce Di Marsico put forward the idea that beliefs cause non-physiological generated emotions (ex: anxiety from low blood sugar). Bruce also created a system of questions he called the Option Method to help people uncover these often unconscious beliefs. I read multiple counseling session transcripts of practitioners using Bruce’s teaching to help clients find the reasons why they felt negative emotions. I saw how the counselors “dug up” beliefs that were producing the negative emotions the clients wanted to eliminate which proved to me that beliefs–often unconscious ones–did cause our negative emotions. After this realization, I got my hands on as many books and recordings produced by Brue and those who learned from him to learn how to identify and eliminate the beliefs that were causing my social and work anxiety. I then worked with two mentees of Bruce who teach and mentor people who want to understand and eliminate their undesirable emotions.

I worked with these teachers to eliminate social anxiety symptoms that became noticeably distressing in 2015 but worsened to the point that I felt anxious in almost all social situations during COVID lockdowns. After 13 hours of one-on-one sessions, the number of social instances that triggered my anxiety noticeably decreased and the intensity of my anxiety responses dampened.

I now use the experience and insights from my anxiety journey to help others eliminate their anxiety triggers.

How I developed the ability to understand and eliminate the cause of my anxiety triggers

Early on in my 1on1 work, I enrolled in a class to understand the questions we used to uncover my unconscious emotion-causing beliefs. After finishing my 13 one-on-one sessions, I completed an apprenticeship run by a teacher who has helped people uncover and discard emotion-causing beliefs for forty years. I shadowed the teacher and other experienced practitioners as they helped people uncover emotion-causing beliefs they wanted to understand and eliminate; after some time, I practiced being the practitioner for patients with the teacher’s guidance. 

The content I share on this website are distillations of ideas and solutions I learned and created while addressing my social anxiety. I collect testimonials here when possible.

If my story resonates with you, feel free to analyze my blog posts, videos, and social media profiles to see if my insights can help you in any way. I have books and 1 on 1 sessions for people who would like to understand and eliminate the root cause of their physical anxiety triggers.


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