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How to donate

For those interested in donating or have already donated this page contains information on what the money has already helped create and what it will go toward to.

I recognize that not everyone is in a position to pay when they first use any of my materials, so I also appreciate non-monetary “donations” like sharing my work with people you think it can help.

If you prefer to donate in some different way, just let me know at

The mission

I want to end self-inflicted suffering that manifests as negative emotions and/or behaviors that don’t align with one’s short-term or long-term goals. I want to help people understand and see what’s holding them back from living in a way they’re satisfied with. I want to provide solutions to help people shift out of suffering and live according to their uniqueness and internal desires with emotional fortitude.

By-products of this mission

I think more and more people will have inner peace. By internal peace, I mean:

Feeling ok with yourself and with whatever happens to you or the world. Internal peace is the absence of undesirable emotions like fear, anger, and shame that tend to be physically uncomfortable and stressful to the body. Disliking something doesn’t mean we have to be unhappy so it is possible to maintain internal peace amid undesirable experiences. Furthermore, internal peace does not mean one will be complacent about things one wants to change. You can have internal peace and maintain a genuine desire to change your circumstances or influence the world. When we are at peace, our body is mostly in a parasympathetic state–a state of ease

Why should you donate?

Carrying out the outlined mission will require energy, time, and funds. If you have or will benefit from the content I produce, then you can help ensure I can continue producing more value by donating.

Content that’s available

The Root Cause of Anxiety Triggers (FREE)
– How to Eliminate Anxiety Triggers with the Option Method
Smart Enough: Overcoming an Intelligence Insecurity

What Olympic-level Swimmers Can Teach Us About Excellence

Free blog posts at 
~35 published articles on anxiety and emotional intelligence 
– 47 total articles – mastery, leadership, software engineering,

Social Media profiles
– 18 posts on emotional intelligence and high-performance

What I’m working on

Producing free videos on anxiety to help people:
– Understand the root cause of their anxiety triggers
– How to eliminate physical anxiety triggers
– Understand what social anxiety is
– Develop the worldviews and ways of thinking that reduce and eliminate social anxiety

What I plan to work on in the future

Content focused on helping people understand and overcome:
– Perfectionism
– The Psychology of Inferiority and Superiority
– Self-worth
– Self-esteem
– Self-compassion
– Attraction Insecurities

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