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If you’re looking to conquer your physical anxiety and eliminate triggers these are steps that have worked for me and others that I recommend you take:

Below are Resources to help you complete each step

All listed books are available at this link

How to Complete Step 1 – Know what it is about our psychology that leads to physical anxiety

You can either read this book
Or you can watch this short video

Additional recommended read:

How to Complete Step 2 – Know how to eliminate anxiety triggers

Save money with the Conquer Anxiety Bundle

If you’re interested in getting Fight-or-Flight and The Anxiety Paradox, you can get both at a cheaper price with the Conquer Anxiety Bundle. The bundle takes you through all the 3 steps for Conquering Physical Anxiety so you can eliminate your triggers in less than a day and includes other interesting reads that address why it feels like we get anxious for no reason.

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