I disagree that coding requires strong math skills – personal experience

While studying computer science in college and I think before college I encountered papers claiming that strong computer programmers were strong in math. After 4 years of computer science having taken Calc I, II, III, and two other math courses, not once did I or do I currently think that my math classes helped me understand or accomplish anything software programming related.

Some entities may be looking for correlations like this strong math and coding ability correlation to assess one’s future capability to bring value to the field but correlations like this may filter out those with capacity that don’t match expectations. If you’re trying to learn how to program or have doubts because of claims like this I encourage you to block out this perspective if you genuinely want to learn how to code because the craft can be learned with time and effort. I’d argue that intrinsic motivation is one of, if not, the strongest indicator of learning and understanding in not only coding but most fields.


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