Fries without potatoes

AKA A fry experience without potatoes

Using green plantains–which are plantains that haven’t ripened yet–to create a mildly crispy and mildly salted food may be an enjoyable alternative for those who enjoy eating fries but can’t eat potatoes for some reason or are open to trying something new. 

An example of using green plantains to create that fry experience is a food called tostones which is found in Dominican cuisine. You can find tostones–they probably fry them in vegetable oil so be aware of that–at many Latin American restaurants and some grocery stores have them in a chip version. although I’d stay away from those if they contain non-whole ingredients. 

You can make tostones at home following an online recipe like this one but recipes tend to call for a fair amount of oil. 

The easiest way for me to make them is in an air fryer after cutting them into thin slices. In an air fryer you also have the option to make them with or without oil but they probably won’t get too salty without oil. The most time-consuming part of the recipe is flattening the plantain after frying them for a bit, but you can skip that step if you cut the plantains thin enough and aren’t picky about how flat they are. 

Feel free to share any foods you think provide a fry experience.

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