Strong strategy alone doesn’t produce desired outcomes – commentary on Steve job’s view of this

From my experience as a product manager I learned that strategy without properly scoped execution capabilities will jeopardize the ability to produce desired outcomes. I also hypothesize that some people assume that strong strategies never require high implementation costs which may be why some entities default to outsourcing implementation with less competent teams. This outsourcing effort may sometimes work but can also fail if the implementation of the strategy necessitates highly competent teams. For example, a team can have the winningest coach in a league’s history but the coach can only do so much if he finds that the team can’t perform to the standard that he needs them to play at to win.

Moreover, because certainty seems non-existent, a strategy created today may have to change tomorrow. Those who don’t anticipate the possibility of their strategy changing may further jeopardize their ability to produce desired outcomes. The uncertainty of life may also require the initially desired outcomes to change as well.
Dare used to be a group–may still be–a group program manager at Microsoft.

All this said, I think running a business or service requires a continuous analysis of both the execution and strategy which are components some people and companies overlook and perhaps why most businesses fail.

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