My body transformation/recomposition (2) – Hiring an online trainer from Instagram

Originally written and posted in April 9, 2017 in a fitness facebook group I created in 2017. I’ve edited the post to be more concise and authentic.

Alright, so I’m motivated to make a change, but what do I actually need to start doing? There’s no way I’m trusting all the conflicting opinions on the fitness forums/websites out there so I’ve got to think of something different to do. Luckily I had followed a fitness guy on Instagram a while back with the instagram handle @lcfitokc. I’m going to call him LC for short. I liked his body build and he posted workouts I liked from time to time. I thought to myself, “If I like the way this guy looks, why don’t I hit him up to see if he can steer me in the right direction?” so I did just that. I paid for one month of online training with him and that’s when everything became real. I had prepared dozens of questions because I knew there were A LOT of things I didn’t understand. Questions like, what REALLY is metabolism. Does intermittent fasting work? How many times a day do I have to eat? The type of questions that see to have different and sometimes conflicting answers on the internet. LC was able to answer a lot of them but because I was going all in on this fitness stuff, I didn’t just want answers, I wanted to know the WHY behind everything. I didn’t kind of want to understand things, I wanted to FULLY understand what I had interest in. I didn’t expect LC to sit down with me and give me full-blown answers to all the questions I had because I think it would take up too much time of his time. LC gave me a good understanding of the basics and I think that understanding increased my desire to understand more about how the body works.

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Unfortunately though, this meant I had hit another informational dead-end. Where else could I turn to find the answers I’m looking for? I had another light bulb moment for solving this problem but this it was at the gym. “There are all these muscular dudes in the gym working out right next to me, why don’t I strike up a convo with one of them and tell them my predicament?” Looking back it seems like destiny, but as I was leaving the gym after having that thought one of the dudes who had one of the lowest levels of body fat percentages at the gym (Gold’s gym) in my opinion was leaving at the same time. I mustered up some courage, ran up to him, and nervously asked him about his diet. He gave me some tips but nothing I could make sense of and use to improve my diet or understanding. Scared that I was missing out on a chance to learn from someone who knew what he was doing I went out on a limb and asked if we could meet for coffee one day to talk about dieting, lifting, and general health principles. He agreed. His name is BK and I was hype.

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