Other expertise areas

Whole-food nutritional eating

I can help you build a diet that doesn’t give you skin, digestive, or energy draining issues.
Nutrition insights

Improving digestion

Helping you understand the key components of digestion, troubleshoot why you’re having issues digesting foods, and learn different ways to improve your digestion via supplements and nutritional knowledge.

Principles of leading others

Helping you understand leadership principles, how implementing these principles can solve team and relational problems, and how to apply them in your personal and professional life. My insights come from personal studies, work, and school experiences.
See my resume to view my leadership experiences as a product manager, software engineer, and college and highschool student
Leadership insights

Psychology of purpose

Helping you understand and demystify what purpose is which may relieve you of stressors that revolves around this subject. Some stress inducing questions are “What is my purpose?”, “How do I find my purpose”, “Am I living out my purpose?”

Fundamentals of programming and computer science

If you’re taking an intro programming or computer science course I can help you pass or complete the course by ensuring you understand fundamental programming concepts. This understanding will likely enable you to code more self-sufficiently and understand what you’re doing and why things work the way they do.
See my resume to view my professional software engineering experience and 3.9 GPA in computer science

Principles of product management

Having been a product manager for 3 years I can help you understand what product management is, ideas for breaking into tech product management, and how to implement the principles of product management into your personal and professional life.
See my resume to view my product management experience
Product management insights

Body transformation

Having acquired knowledge and experience from personal body transformations of my own, I can share what I know if it’ll help you understand and implement the nutritional and fitness principles that tend to lead to fat loss and muscle gain.
– My body transformation insights

College success

Helping those in college build strategies for getting a high GPA, internships, and full-time job offers.
See my resume to view my collegiate internships with GE, and PwC, my 3.9 GPA, and collegiate leadership experiences and positions

Men’s fashion

I’ve been interested in how to dress in ways I like since my middle school years and invested in an image and branding coach in 2016 to improve how I felt about myself and how I was perceived through my dressing. Although I put less weight into what people think of my style and look nowadays, I learned a lot about the principles of men’s fashion and can help men that want to increase the likeness for the types of clothes they wear and buy. I have experience with things like tailoring, getting clothes that fit you in a way you like, and building a variety of outfits with a set of essential pieces.

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