Some aspects of your perfectionism may be due to social programming

I think that perfectionism tendencies–at least some–are internalized rules/beliefs from authority figures, experts, “gurus”, etc that one thinks they must live by. I’ve read or heard someone people deem successful giving the advice of “never quit” and listeners tend to agree. If one isn’t aware that such a blanket statement doesn’t make sense in all instances, one can find themselves in a bind that’s illustrated out in the Instagram post below. A bind of not wanting to do something but thinking the right thing to do is to deny that internal impulse and complete the activity or task anyway.

If we can’t trust our internal impulses, what can we trust? Are we supposed to trust another human instead of ourselves? Disregarding our internal desires in certain instances is in a sense, answering yes to the last question but is that how we actually want to live?

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