April 2024

Q&A from my Cause of anxiety Youtube video

These are answers to questions from my video that I said I’d answer. Some of the headers are direct links to where the answer is. Link to the session where I found the root cause of the anxiety trigger I presented in the video A condensed summary with key takeaways of the sessions is here. …

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From A CBT Revolutionary: How Beliefs affect and give rise to our anxiety

This is an excerpt from one of Bruce Di Marsico’s lectures, in which he explained how beliefs affect our feelings. This perspective explains what causes our anxiety. Bruce created a form of CBT based on the Socratic dialogue called the Option Method that gives clear insight into what causes our negative emotions like anxiety.

Why Do People Get Triggered By the Same Things?

People can get anxious about the same things but each person has their own unique reasons why. The video below illustrates this. The video is inspired by a talk Bruce Di Marsico gave where he used a similar example to demonstrate how beliefs affect and give rise to our emotions. Bruce created the Option Method …

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What is Trauma?

See if this definition I’m putting forward makes sense to you. It’s made sense for me and helped me better understand what people mean when they talk about trauma either personally or generally. Trauma is the worldviews, beliefs, and behaviors we create or develop after an event. Harrison Obiorah I think this definition holds for …

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What is CBT?

More than 2,000 studies have demonstrated that our thoughts and beliefs (which we can view as ingrained or “stored” thoughts) are one of, if not the primary root causes of our anxiety. Cognitive behavior therapies like CBT and the Option Method are based on this discovery.  CBT is based on the psychological construct that individuals’ …

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